We offer a variety of resources for both conservation professionals and private landowners for the conservation of bird species:

Yellow-rumped Warbler. Photo by Matthew Shumar.
  • Focal species. Through our All-bird Conservation Plan we have identified species that occur in Ohio at some point during their annual life-cycle that are of concern based on state, regional, and continental threats.
  • Cavity nesting birds. Ohio is home to more than two dozen native cavity-nesting bird species, including a broad range of taxonomic groups. Get information on how you can provide and maintain nest boxes to support native bird populations.
  • All-bird Conservation Plan. Periodically our Conservation Research and Planning Committee undergoes an intensive process to identify conservation needs based on international, regional, state, and local-level research and needs. We are currently finishing up publication of the second edition of this plan, which will help to inform management and research.
  • Habitat management resources. OBCI has developed multiple publications and workshops aimed at managing forested habitats in the state for birds.
  • Ohio’s bird atlases. Over the past 40 years, Ohio has completed two breeding bird and one winter bird atlas. Results from these important community science projects have resulted in important conservation action.
  • Keeping cats indoors. Feral and free-ranging domestic cats are one of the largest sources of avian population declines. Get information on how to protect native wildlife and cats here.
  • Webinars. Attend our periodic webinars to learn about the great conservation work and research that our partners are doing across the state! You can also view older webinars on our YouTube channel.
  • Newsletter. Want to hear about upcoming webinars, events, and resources? Sign up for our newsletter.