Sustainable Forest Management for Birds

Forest management workshop
Group tours a stand treatment to encourage oak regeneration at the Vinton Furnace State Experimental Forest.

Forests provide important habitats to birds throughout their life-cycle. Management decisions depend on the location of the forest patch, the surrounding landscape, and the site conditions and history. Forest patches in northwestern Ohio, where the surrounding landscape is primarily agriculture, need a different set of management recommendation than those in southeastern Ohio, which is primarily forested. In 2013, OBCI released a full-length guide of management recommendations for forests in southeastern Ohio. This was the first in a series of resources for landowers. Since then, workshops and videos have been produced to help landowners obtain the information they need for to properly manage their land for wildlife.

In 2019, OBCI developed a companion guide for “small patch” woodland owners. We plan to continue to develop workshops and videos for all landowners throughout the state of Ohio. For information on forest management in your area, select from the links below: