Conservation Planning & Research Committee

The Conservation Planning and Research Committee is committed to providing scientific recommendations and expertise about bird and habitat conservation in Ohio. The committee includes scientists, professors, land managers, conservationists and concerned citizens. The Conservation Planning and Research Committee will identify research needs for the state, develop conservation planning, and promote collaborative projects through partnerships. Several members of this committee work with the Upper Mississippi River & Great Lakes Region Joint Venture and the Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture on a regular basis.

Prothonotary Warbler. Photo by Matthew Shumar.


  • Maintain the All-bird Conservation Plan as a living document through updates, corrections, and additions as suggested by signatories, the coordinating council, and committee members.
  • Improve the utility of the All-bird Conservation Plan as the guiding document of bird conservation in Ohio.
  • Advance the implementation of the Ohio All-Bird Conservation Plan.
  • Form sub-committees to target specific regions, habitat types, or conservation activities requiring additional committee attention.