“Lunch with the Birds” Webinar Series


WebinarLogoOBCI’s Outreach and Education Committee is proud to present this webinar series on a variety of bird and conservation-related topics. Webinars are held on the third Wednesday of the month from 12-1pm. All webinars are free and no special software is required to attend.

If you have topic ideas or are interested in hosting a webinar, please contact Matthew Shumar, OBCI Program Coordinator, at obcicoordinator@gmail.com.


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Archived Webinars

Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkey 013Presented by Jennifer Elsworth, Metroparks of the Toledo Area

In this webinar, we”ll cover a general Wild Turkeys 101; life history along with an update on their current status in Ohio with some fun facts interwoven in!

This webinar brought to you by: The Nature Conservancy in Ohio

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Keeping Cats Indoors

Mark Marek Photography
Mark Marek Photography

Presented by Grant Sizemore, Director of Invasive Species Programs for American Bird Conservancy

Domestic cats (Felis catus) can make great pets. When permitted outdoors, however, these animals are a well-known predator of birds and other wildlife and are an extension of the human footprint on natural systems. Join Grant Sizemore, Director of Invasive Species Programs for American Bird Conservancy, as he discusses the science of outdoor domestic cats, their impacts on birds and people, and the need for effective management.

Brought to you by: Rebecca Rose, OBCI Steering Committee

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Green Lawn Cemetery…A Very Special Park

Presented by Randy Rogers, Green Lawn Cemetery Board Member

Green Lawn board member Randy Rogers will discuss both the natural and human history of Green Lawn Cemetery, an Important Bird Area, and also share current projects that will enhance the park for visitors that arrive on either legs or wings!

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Balancing Agriculture and Breeding Birds in Northwest Ohio

Dickcissel 001

Presented by Rachel Hefflinger, MetroParks of the Toledo Area

Brought to you by: Global Conservation Connections

Many native species of bird make their nests on the ground in open fields of NW Ohio. These fields can be faux-habitat for nesting birds when they are subjected to intense agricultural and land management practices, leading to little to no success of the eggs reaching fledging. Adjusted management and responsible monitoring are the keys to ensuring the survival and enjoyment of these species for many future generations to come.

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How Outdoor Recreation Can Benefit Birds

DSCN3128Presented by Lauren McCafferty, MetroParks of the Toledo Area

Brought to you by: The Nature Conservancy in Ohio

Many people fear that activities like kayaking, snowshoeing, and archery damage habitat and are detrimental to wildlife. But as long as recreation is thoughtful and responsible, it can actually inspire others to value natural resources and support conservation efforts. In this webinar, I’ll share examples of how Metroparks of the Toledo Area has successfully used outdoor recreation as a vehicle for conservation, and discuss how other agencies could do the same.

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Good Birders Wear Whatever They Want: Understanding How Birds See the World

© Mike Maier

Presented by Casey Tucker

Understanding how birds see the world around them can not only improve our skills as birders but may also have implications for improved conservation actions. We’ll discuss the avian visual system and how humans can exploit it to reduce avian mortality and improve habitats.

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Bird Banding: A Tool for Studying Ohio’s Birds


Presented by Tom Bartlett, Master Bird Bander

Bird banding is a tool that has been used for over 100 years to study birds worldwide.  It is said that Audubon once captured an Eastern Phoebe and tied a piece of thread to its leg.  The following spring he noted the same phoebe came back to the same spot because it still had the thread on its leg.  This webinar will go over how modern bird banding is done and show some of the results.

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The Ecology and Conservation of Migratory Birds Across the Full Annual Cycle

© Mike Maier
© Mike Maier

Presented by Dr. Chris Tonra, The Ohio State University

Migratory birds occupy many different habitats, sometimes thousands of miles apart, throughout their annual cycle.  This presents enormous challenges to understanding the dynamics of populations and enacting conservation and management.  To meet these challenges, scientists have had to employ innovative techniques and new technologies to determine how events in different locations are linked through their impacts on individual birds.  I will present results from work my colleagues and I have done in Jamaica and the Northeast to reveal how events on tropical wintering grounds influence breeding events in migratory warblers.  I will also describe work I am currently beginning in Ohio to address some of these issues for the states migratory birds.

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Snowed In: Winter Birds Survival

Presented by Tammy Saunders, Naturalist at MetroParks of The Toledo Area

It’s sometimes hard to believe that our tiny warmblooded feathered friends can survive out there in the freezing temperatures and  blowing winter snow storms while we are cuddled up under tons of blankets and drinking hot tea, but they do! Learn how these mighty little survivors make it through the cold harsh winter months using some amazing adaptations!

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Unconventional Conservation: Highways as Habitat for American Kestrels

Presented by Amanda Duren, Program Coordinator of the Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative

While still a common bird in Ohio, populations of American kestrels are declining across the state. Our innovative nest box trail program allows kestrels to utilize suitable habitat along highways by installing nestboxes on road signs. In this webinar, we’ll explore the challenges and opportunities of working in this unconventional habitat.

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Bird Feeding 101

© Mike Meier

Presented by Tom Sheley, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited on Sawmill Road in Columbus

Want to do some bird watching at home? Feeding and watching birds is the second most popular hobby in North America. This webinar guides you through getting started or improving your existing set-up. Tom also discusses providing natural and supplemental foods that are nutritionally responsible as well as incorporating water, shelter and roosting sites into the winter landscape.

Webinar Recording
Guide to Bird-Feeding from Wild Birds Unlimited



Lessons from the Passenger Pigeon


Presented by John Windau, Ohio Division of Wildlife

September 2014 marks the centennial anniversary of the passing of “Martha” the last known passenger pigeon in the world. Join us for a look into how a species that likely numbered into the billions became extinct within a few decades, how this has helped shape wildlife conservation and the challenges we still face.

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Identifying Fall Warblers

Bay-breasted Warbler by Brian Hansen
Bay-breasted Warbler by Brian Hansen

Presentation by Scott Albaugh, Instructor, Zane State College

Identifying fall warblers can be challenging.  Learn how to break down the fall warblers into more palatable groups for easier identification.  Only a few warblers look drastically different when they migrate through our area in the fall.  This presentation will walk you through some of the steps that you can take to master this often perplexing group of birds.

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Creating National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat

sign_op_800x1004-jpgPresentation by Barbara Velez Barbosa, Certified National Wildlife Federation Habitat Ambassador

National Wildlife Federation is a voice for wildlife, dedicated to protecting wildlife and habitat and inspiring the future generation of conservationist.  The presentation covers the four basic elements needed to become a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat in any size yard:  Food, Water, Cover and Places to Raise Young.

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Additional Resources on Sustainable Native Gardening
Certify your Yard!

 Raptor Biology

© Mike Meier

Presentation by Barbara Ray, Wildlife Education Director at Ohio Wildlife Center

Raptors are a phenomenally diverse group of birds, adapted to nearly every type of habitat and with specialized abilities to capture everything from flying insects to fish to mammals or scavenging on carrion. This webinar presents many of the physical and behavioral aspects of these birds, their relationships to one another, and a variety of lesser-known science and ‘fun facts.’ Those wishing to learn more about birds of prey or educators looking for suitable science to inspire and stimulate their audiences will find this presentation engaging and valuable.

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The Wonderful World of Warblers

© Mike Meier
© Mike Meier

Presentation by Tom Sheley, Owner of Wild Birds Unlimited on Riverside Drive, Columbus, OH

Wood-warblers are some of the most sought after, intriguing birds of North America. These small, energetic birds with their vibrant colors and patterns, endearing behavior and spectacular migrations fascinate birders and casual observers alike. Where do warblers originate? Why do they migrate such great distances? Where and how do we find them? Tom shares his fascination with wood-warblers as he explores their origins, destinations and diversity of niches. Ohio, with its diversity of habitats, happens to be one of the best locations in the United States to seek out both migrating and resident warblers. Tom shares some of his favorite “hotspots” to view and photograph warblers.

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Purple Martins: What a trip!


Presentation by Paula Ziebarth (aka Madame WingNut)

A true native bird to the North American continent, Purple Martins lived here at least twelve thousand years ago.  They nested in natural cavities back then, but became accustomed to nesting in natural gourds hung by Native American Indians. Today, east of the Rockies, Purple Martins are totally dependent on humans to supply them with nesting sites.  Learn why and how you may be able to attract your own colony of these highly coveted birds to nest on your property.  Learn some myths and facts about North America’s largest swallow. In this webinar based on her popular article, Paula Ziebarth discusses proper equipment and management techniques necessary to attract and maintain a healthy Purple Martin colony.
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Additional Resources on Cavity Nesting Birds

 Owls of Ohio

(c) Mike MaierPresentation by Jim McCormac, Ohio Division of Wildlife

The first known bird artwork features Snowy Owls. People are still smitten with owls, 30,000 years after those ancient artists’ depicted owls in a cave in France. Owls are especially in the news this winter, due to a major Snowy Owl irruption that has brought dozens of the big white birds to Ohio. This program discusses the fascinating features that make owls such formidable predators, their relationships with people, and the specifics of the eight species that regularly occur in Ohio.

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eBird 101 – Introduction to eBird

downloadPresentation by Ken Ostermiller

Learn the basics of using eBird, a real-time, online checklist program launched in 2002 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society. This webinar covers: 5 sections of eBird web site, How to sign up, How to get a list of birds you might see in a state, county, or hot spot, How to see where birds are being seen on a map, How to enter a checklist, and a Demo of My eBird.

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Ohio’s Woodpeckers: Flickers, Sapsuckers, Downies, and More! 


(c) Mike Maier

Presentation by Marne Titchenell

Woodpeckers are amazing birds – their incredible abilities have earned them the nickname ‘nature’s power tools.’ We will explore why they have earned this title, their interesting lifestyles, and Ohio’s seven different species of woodpeckers.

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PowerPoint Presentation


Aaron 2Birding Optics 101

Presentation by Kyle Carlsen, Assistant Editor, Bird Watcher’s Digest
Shopping for optics can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. With so many options available, how do you decide which binoculars are right for you? We’ll go over the basics of how to choose and use affordable, quality birding optics.
No recording is available for this webinar.
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 Bird Watcher’s Digest Optics Buying Guide

The Magic of Recruiting Volunteers

Presentation by Darlene Sillick
The magic of recruiting volunteers…just wave the wand and show your biggest smile. Is there some magic to asking others to join your cause and put in time with a something you feel passionate about?  I don’t have all the answers but my velvet hammer comes through more times than not.  Through a power point and a lively discussion, lets share ideas and thoughts how to get others to say “Yes I Can Help You”!

No recording is available for this webinar.

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Using Inquiry-based education to teach and learn about birds

Presentation by Nichole Nageotte

Scientific Inquiry demonstrates to students of all ages that anyone can have fun being a scientist. Inquiry is used by people everyday without even realizing it. This webinar goes through the steps of scientific inquiry and provides a few examples of simple inquiry activities that can be done to educate about birds.

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Field Techniques in The Digital Age

Presentation by Tim Daniel, Ohio Division of Wildlife

Tim is a photographer and event planner with the Ohio Division of Wildlife. His photography has been featured on the web and in local and national publications, including ODNR publications such as Wild Ohio magazine, Enews, web site and various brochures. Whether you are an experienced photographer or just beginning, this webinar will provide a valuable opportunity to learn tips from a professional photographer, including:

  • High powered point and shoot cameras for a low price
  • Shooting video with your still camera
  • Shoot video that will lessen your edit time
  • Composition; Creative ways to take the same old photos
  • Lighting; Control the intensity of light on your subject
Powerpoint Presentation


© Mike Maier

Finding Solutions to Window Collisions: Lights Out Columbus and Home Remedies

Presentation by by Amanda Duren

In this webinar we discussed the causes and potential solutions to one of the largest sources of bird mortality in the US: collisions with windows. Learn about the Lights Out Columbus program and the results of a local Collision Monitoring Program. We also reviewed some ways to prevent window collisions at your home.

Webinar Recording
Additional Resources on Window Collisions



Nestboxes for Birds

Presentation by Paula Ziebarth and Darlene Sillick

This webinar will give you an overview of the species of native birds that may readily use nest boxes on your property. We will present design features of a good nest box, siting and mounting requirements, and basic monitoring recommendations.

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Additional Resources on Cavity Nesting Birds