Resources on Cavity Nesting Birds

Resources Related to Cavity Nesting Birds and Nestboxes

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Helpful Websites

North American Bluebird Society
Ohio Bluebird Society
Cornell Nestwatch
American Kestrel Partnership
Nestbox Builder
Universal Sparrow Traps

What to Do When you Find an Abandoned Baby Animal


Nest Box Plans and Mounting Instructions

Bluebird Box Plan (Zeppick Design)
Bluebird Box Plan (XBox Design)
Bluebird Box Parts
Bluebird Box Assembly
Zeppick Nest Box Installation Instructions
Mounting and Predator-proofing Materials
Sparrow Spooker Directions
American Kestrel Nestbox Plan
CARW Nest Box Directions

Monitoring Instructions and Materials

Bluebird Monitoring Nest-Egg Guide
Cavity Nester Egg Comparison
Project NestWatch Priority Species
Project NestWatch Data Sheet
Bluebird Trail Information
18-day Photo Growth Chart for Bluebirds (Also Available as an App for iPhone and Android, Search for “Bluebird photo-growth”)
House Sparrow Trap Tips
Bluebird Homeowner Sample Letter
Monitoring Instructions for American Kestrels
American Kestrel Partnership Monitoring Data Sheet

Purple Martin Resources

Purple Martin Conservation Association
Troyer’s Bird Paradise: 1-800-872-0103
Deluxe Repeating Sparrow Trap
Van Ert Universal Sparrow Trap

Madame Wingnut Articles

HOSP Wars – Pairing Boxes
House Sparrow Control
House Sparrow Wars Part II
Living Inside a Tree Swallow Grid
Ant Infestations
The European Starling
House Wren Management
Eastern Bluebird Killed
House Sparrow History
Purple Martins
White Bluebird Eggs
Bluebird Feeding Tips

For Additional Information
Paula Ziebarth –
Darlene Sillick –

Cavity Nesting Program at Mosquito Lake

One of the largest lakes in Ohio, Mosquito Lake in Trumbull County is surrounded by 2,483 acres of mature woodlands and marshes. This habitat has been enhanced for cavity nesting birds by the dedicated work of Volunteer Coordinator Loyd Marshall and his team of volunteers. Together they have installed and maintain nearly 100 nesting cavities, including a new tower for chimney swifts. In 2013, over 450 birds of 7 species fledged from these boxes and jars, including bluebirds, tree swallows, wood ducks, and purple martins.

To learn more about efforts for cavity nesting species at Mosquito Lake, click here.