Ohio All-Bird Conservation Plan

OBCI All-Bird Conservation Plan

ABCcoverOver the last 15 years numerous bird conservation plans have been written that are applicable to Ohio. At the national scale plans have been written by national bird conservation groups for waterbirds, waterfowl, shorebirds and landbirds. At the regional scale there are plans compiled by Bird Conservation Regions and Joint Ventures, which are collaborative regional and local partnerships made up of landowners, government officials, and NGO’s dedicated to implementing national plans.

The Ohio All-Bird Conservation Plan has two main functions: it summarizes existing national and regional plans and will provide guidance for future bird conservation efforts in the state. The plan is a collaborative effort among members representing numerous organizations that serve on the Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative’s Conservation Planning and Research Committee. This plan also contains a significant amount of conservation planning produced by the Upper Mississippi & Great Lakes Joint Venture, and national bird conservation groups.


If you have questions about the plan or would like assistance in using the plan to make conservation decisions for your organization, please contact us.



The main goals for the Ohio All-bird Conservation Plan:

  • Prioritize a species list that identifies Ohio species that are at risk in the state, region, and across the continent
  • Summarize regional bird conservation plans and step down population and habitat goals to Ohio
  • Summarize the Upper Mississippi & Great Lakes Joint Venture Conservation Strategy Plan (This plan is broken down into separate plans for waterbirds, waterfowl, landbirds and shorebirds)
  • Identify critical research and monitoring projects needed to sustain Ohio’s bird populations and habitats (to be included in final draft of plan)
  • Identify potential funding sources for collaborative conservation projects among OBCI partners (to be included in final draft of plan)



Compiled by Suzanne Cardinal and Paul Rodewald. Contributing members of OBCI’s Conservation Planning and Research Committee members:

Tom Berger, ODNR, Division Forestry

R. Jeffrey Brown, Ohio Bird Banding Association

Bernie Daniel, Ohio Bluebird Society

Bob Gates, The Ohio State University

Jim Inglis, Pheasants Forever

Andy Jones, Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Mike Kravitz, US Environmental Protection Agency

Mike Reynolds, ODNR-Division of Wildlife

John Ritzenthaler, Audubon Ohio

Amanda Rodewald, The Ohio State University

Plan Chapters

Executive Summary


Chap 1: Shorebird Plan


Chap 2: Waterbird Plan


Chap 3: Waterfowl Plan


Chap 4: Landbird Plan


Chap 5: Implementation Plan